Information Overload

Over the course of 48 hours, I’ve soaked in:
12 hours of Music
7 hours of Video Games
15 hours of Internet surfing
3 hours of tv/movies

I am a media sponge, there is no doubt about it. If I’m not at school or sleeping, I’m soaking in some media. Considering I have 37 hours of media usage out of 48 total hours. To be fair though, I spent a lot of that time multi-tasking. In other words, while I was watching tv, I was also playing a video game on my mobile device at the same time. If I were to rack up all of the total time I spent soaking in media, with multi-tasking included, I spent a total of 25 hours, 12 hours of which I spent multi-tasking while doing my homework. However, 25 hours is still a lot of time spent taking in the media, probably much more than the average person. Although, even with all of that time, I doubt I consumed 68GB worth of content. For one thing, the game I spent 7 hours playing wasn’t even 1GB on its own, and if I were to listen to all of my music in my itunes library (a process that would take 6.2 days) I wouldn’t even reach 15GB. I think the article is a little bit over exaggerated.


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