Information Validation

How would you validate the information sent to you via a text message?
To validate the information from a text message, it really depends on who sends the message and what the message is about. If the sender is in my contacts list, then the text message is going to say who at least owns the mobile device that sent the message to me is. So I probably have higher trust of info if it came from a close friend as opposed to a list of numbers.

How would you validate a $25.00 check in the mail?
First, where the check came from, name, address, etc. If I’ve been expecting a check from them, then its likely a valid check. Is the account from a valid financial institution? And finally how much money is written down on it. If it has $10.00 written on the paper, its likely not a $25.00 check.

How would you validate information about a death of a close person?
I would have to talk face to face with someone else that was close to him or her. That or see the body myself.

How would you validate information you received from an email?
Just like the text message, except more dire, because its not uncommon for an email account to get hacked (I know three friends who had their accounts hacked and I received plenty of junk from them). Who sent the message? Are they a close friend? Are they in my contacts list? Is the message trying to sell me something or gain information about me?

How would you validate information from a local newspaper?
I really don’t trust the local newspaper much. It’s very opinionated. But I guess if I had to find valid information from it, I would start researching the topic more through other sources and get the story from many different views and then discern what seems to actually be happening. The more locally focused the news though, the more likely the local newspaper is a correct source of information. 

How would you validate information from local TV NEWS?
Basically the same as what I said about the local newspaper, except stay away from Fox News (that was a joke).

How would you validate information from a website?
As usual, where is the info truly coming from? What kind of site is it? What is the info about? I’m not going to consider info valid about the housing market if its coming from a gaming website. The more basic the info is, the less serious it is to find validation for the website. You don’t have to go to a government website to find a map of the 50 states of America.

How would you validate information from a billboard?
I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself, but it really depends on who its coming from. Utah is very well known for corporate, white collar crime, so you can’t really trust too many smaller businesses. If you find a good ad for a smaller business, put some research into the business. Find out how long they’ve been around, what they do, what kind of customer satisfaction they have, etc.

How would you validate information given to you during a class from an instructor?
Well, you kind of need to take information from an instructor as valid to get through the class. As far as life lessons go, it relies on what their life experiences have been. I’m much more inclined to listen to the political ideals of a political science professor who has previously worked as a state Senator, run his own business, and was a consultant for a successful state governor than an Art professor fresh from grad school.

Obviously, there is always the chance that you can get invalid information, no matter the precautions. But, as long as you know who the information is coming from, know whether they are trustworthy or not, or whether they are in a qualifiable position, then you should be fine trusting them. As far as internet scams go though, or if the information is important, its always a good idea to check up on your info by talking face to face with your friend about it.


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