IP Assignment

IP Address: 192.xxx.x.1 | Class C
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: 192.xxx.x.1 | Class C

PC: 192.xxx.x.134 | Class C
Laptop: 192.xxx.x.137 | Class C
2nd Laptop: 192.xxx.x.135 | Class C
iTouch: 192.xxx.x.130 | Class C

whatismyip.com: 67.xxx.xxx.202 | Class A

The Subnet Mask and Gateway was the same for all of the ip Addresses. I clearly have a class C network.

What I don’t understand is why whatismyip.com is giving me a different ip address than what my command prompt on my laptop says. Is it my ISP address? Not only that, but its a complete different class.

I fail to see a whole lot of use for this assignment. Its a decent idea, but needs to be expanded on. It needs more direction on gaining knowledge of what an ip address really is. Sure you had a few lectures on it, and I took notes, but I’m starting to not even understand what my own notes mean on the subject.


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