Syllabus Assignment

3 things wrong with the Syllabus or need changing:

I have just transferred from Utah State University, and what I dislike about many of the courses here at SLCC is how dis-organized they feel compared to USU. It’s not that the classes aren’t organized, its just that largely, their schedules feel inconvenient. I like to know what kind of homework I should have done prior to a lecture. And when I say prior, I like to know a couple of weeks before hand. I like to stay on top of my classes and not fall behind. I do remember seeing some sort of schedule for the lectures, but its not connected to the syllabus posted on Canvas. The schedule for the lectures is also fairly difficult to follow.

my gradebook
I don’t know if this syllabus is outdated, or if grades really are being run by, but it seems a little redundant with Canvas also being capable of recording grades, since I have to check Canvas for the assignments anyways.

Assignment due dates
“All classwork / homework assignments will be turned in at the end of the semester.”
“late work loses 20% off of the final score for the assignment. After seven calendar days from the date the assignment was originally due the assignment is worth 0-Nothing”
These two statements seem to conflict with each other. All assignments are turned in at the end of the semester, but they also have a due date and can’t be turned in 7 days after?


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