Typing Test

I’m actually really disappointed with these results. While I surpassed the requirements by a fair amount, this score is significantly lower than what I used to usually get. Previously I could get 72 WPM, now its down to 54 WPM. It seems as though I’m slipping in my typing skills and I need to work on achieving higher.

I could tell I wasn’t doing as well as usual while taking the test, I was making a lot of mistakes. I did just get a new keyboard that has a completely new feel to it, so maybe I’m just not used to the new feel. But a 20 point drop seems a little too drastic for that to be the case. I’m not sure why I did this badly, but this assignment has made me realize that I need to work on my typing some more.

Despite myself being above the bar of requirement, I do think that this assignment is useful. You could not believe how often I have come across someone that is studying a computer field of study, and yet they can’t type to save their life. How could you be in a major like Computer Science and not know how to type?!


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