Who is Tim Berners-Lee?

From what I learned from the two video’s, Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the modern internet. Many other groups and organizations were trying to get a system of connected databases to work, but the reason why Tim’s design was a mainstream success was because of two reasons. He required every page to have its own http:\\ url address and the internet was royalty free. Because the internet was royalty free, no one had to pay Tim to put up content on the web. Tim believes that his set up would’ve failed had it not been royalty free.

Another revolutionary idea that he had was the “404 error broken link”. I’m sure we’ve all seen this in effect from time to time, as well as others like the “502 bad gateway”, but for its time was a new idea. Now the internet would not crash if it couldn’t find a page, and businesses wouldn’t have to always wait for a page to go up before creating a link for it.

Because of his revolutionary idea’s, and his contribution to humanity, Tim has been knighted by the royal family in England. He is also a professor at MIT and is still at the forefront of revolutionizing the internet today. His latest projects are attempting to get governments to become more internet savvy as well as bring the internet to developing countries through mobile devices. Because in many developing countries, many people do not have access to a computer, but have access to a phone.

My life is greatly effected by his work. For one, this assignment is being submitted via online, which would likely either not exist or would cost money to put up this new page. There are many webpages out there that I use that may have never been created had the internet not been royalty free. I get almost all of my news through the internet, I game online, I majorly shop online (mainly for music), and I socialize and keep up with past friends that I haven’t seen since high school online. I feel like the internet ties me to the rest of the world, so that I don’t have to just listen to idea’s from my peers here in Utah, but am capable of gaining a broader scope of things, and its all thanks to Tim Berners-Lee.


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