Final Cover Letter

Jordan McNeal

Alisha Geary

English 2010

29 July 2012

Self Reflection

Course Objectives

            For the most part, stepping outside of my writing style comfort zone was the main course objective. As a class, we had to learn new genres of writing that may have been radically different from what some may have been used to. My default writing style tends to like to get very personal with my papers. However some of the genres that were assigned in this class were radically different from my style. In assignments like the report and proposal/proposition, rather than writing subjectively I had to write objectively, writing in columns was preferred, and even displayed pictures.


For a topic like the spectrum crunch, this class required a lot of research. My strategies for the most part were to stick generally to school and government sites. These seemed to be the most trusted sites I could get, since these are the groups that are most actively working on fixing the spectrum crunch. The FCC had a large selection of research to sift through. Mobile phone carriers were also a great source of information because they are directly affected by this situation.

Learning how to site these sources in MLA format was something new to me. It’s much stricter than what my past English classes have required. The citations page is easy enough, and after a rough draft or two I think I got it down. In text citations was what was most difficult for me to grasp on about this class.


            The main topic that we chose as a group was the spectrum crunch. It was a topic idea that I had proposed to the rest of the group at the start of the semester. I suggested this topic because of how interesting and different it seemed from the generic topics, like death row, public shootings, gun control, and media violence, which have been beaten to death with in my past English classes. I’m glad that the rest of my group agreed to choose my topic idea.

I decided each assignment topic around the main topic. For the report each group member chose a sub-topic that related to the spectrum crunch. I chose government intervention because I felt like the government is one of the root causes of this problem. My proposal assignment followed up on that sub-topic to propose a solution that the government could follow. As for my review, I chose the Extra Credits video from Penny-Arcade because it was the video that introduced me to the topic.


            Revision for the most part was getting others to read my work, having them tell me what they thought was wrong with the paper, and then fixing those errors in a later draft. This was usually done with my group. I’d read aloud my rough drafts, and then they would tell me where they thought the paper had problems. Most of my revised changes had to do with citations and grammar mistakes. The most radical change I had done was with my report, where I had rewritten two entire pages and reformatted the whole paper.

The Final Portfolio

            Putting together the final portfolio was mostly about revising my past assignments. None of them turned out perfect, and all of them needed some kinks worked out. Whether it was citation issues, grammar, reformatting, or even completely rewriting pages, each project needed a little revising. Other than that, putting together the portfolio was just collecting together my three main projects from throughout the semester.



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